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New Profile Posts

  1. cindyparks2019
    cindyparks2019 Phee
    Hello there i'm Cindy i am new to this site, hope this site is real i am here seeking a relationship and more some fun i guess we are on the same area, if you want to catch me email cindyparks2019 at ghee male dot comb or text me two zero six four 85 two 90 two
  2. Ashley9519
    I am so confused.
  3. pandahorde
    i miss you guysss
  4. Majikcal
    selling account with 250 mil worth of r99s including 2 t tears, and 12 mil pure message if interested
  5. BobaFett
    No worries, Panda! :)
  6. pandahorde
    pandahorde tharoux
    heellooo dude are you still online?
  7. pandahorde
    BIG THANKS TO BOBAFETT! thank you dude for helping me!
  8. baisusan
  9. baisusan
  10. LucasNF
    love is a beautiful thing
  11. pandahorde123
    pandahorde123 BobaFett
    i cant access my account anymore
  12. pandahorde123
    pandahorde123 BobaFett
    boss.. can i chat u asap?
  13. drdd10
    hey babes
  14. richard martinez alberto
  15. Drumstick
    This thing is pretty neat
  16. BobaFett
    If I had any, I would!
  17. drdd10
    Let's revive neofriends, sacrifice some shell accounts and bring back the blackmarket haha,
    1. ricky92
      That's not a bad idea, actually... the only problem is I don't have shell accounts. But maybe I could make an account creator so that in 4 months there'll be plenty to sell. Would that be a good idea?
      Feb 15, 2015
    2. drdd10
      Yeah, I sacrificed a few but still haha. It'll take a while but it's possible.
      Feb 23, 2015
  18. Jaggerrr
    Are you also aware that this place is DEAD? X.X
  19. drdd10
    I miss you guys
    1. BobaFett likes this.
    2. BobaFett
      Hey! Can you do me a favor and see if you can post to the site? It sounds like the issue may have been sorted!
      Feb 13, 2015
    3. drdd10
      I think everything is officially good now
      Feb 14, 2015
  20. BobaFett
    We are aware of an issue preventing users from posting site-wide and are looking into it!