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[beware] Halloween Costumes [i am] Parents vs Children [rant

Discussion in 'World of SPAM' started by Jenna Syde, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Jenna Syde

    Jenna Syde Level III

    Feb 22, 2007
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    The States
    Alright, so this morning-ish, I was seated downstairs in the nice comfortable recliner when the noon edition of the local news came on. There was some chat about the weather for the evening, some horrible Halloween play on words and then one story which really got under my skin. The report had to do with parents and their children's choices in Halloween Costumes.

    Apparently, there is an uproar between parents in regards to certain pre-teen and teen costumes which "reveal too much skin". They mostly showed costumes packaged under the company name "Leg Avenue" which makes their argument ridiculous to me. The company's name is "Leg Avenue" and they expect it to not be revealing. Hello!!
    Furthermore, there were some kids who wanted costumes like what Hannah Montana wears; and the costumes showed had "low neck lines" and "short skirts". The two costumes showed were not as horrible as the parents were making them out to be. For starters, the neckline on one of the devil costumes was nowhere near low cut; it's straps were a good inch and a half wide. Both mini-skirt costumes were shown with leggings or fishnets underneath. And the "mini" skirts were not mini at all but reached about mid-thigh in the pictures. Then, there was a Pirate costume which showed about three to five inches of stomach. And this was a big disturbance among parents.

    My biggest concern with this is not the costumes themselves but the views which the parents had about them. They felt these costumes were inappropriate yet these are likely to be the same parents who dress their three year old in a Bikini. Or allow their pre-teen to begin experimenting with make-up. And they want to complain bout a costume which shows a bellybutton?
    The hypocrisy in this Nation is disturbing when one thinks about it. I mean, why not let the kids decide for themselves? And if the parents feel the costume is "too revealing" why not find a common ground. Agree to purchase the costume but, also invest in some opaque tights or undershirts to wear underneath. Especially around where I live, when the Halloween temperatures are in the fifties and below during the evening. Most children/kids are bundled up in coats, preventing a good portion of their costume from being seen; so I don't were the big concern is comming from.

    It bothers me how parents react. And how they are always wanting to relate to their kids, however, they are not willing to accept the inevitable. Their children are not always going to share their parent's views. Nor are they always going to wear what their parents feel is inappropriate. I mean, it's so very irritating to see parents pushing their beliefs and views on their children.
    In fact, they interviewed a nine year old girl who said the Hannah Montana and other "revealing" costumes were "disgusting". That doesnt sound the views of any nine year old I know.

    Some people just need slapped. Seriously.

    ---x So ends my rant. :)
  2. goncalo

    goncalo Level IV

    Apr 1, 2007
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    Banned From Heaven
    I don't agree on you with the 'let the kids decide' thing. They need to have someone teach them that showing/making clear certain parts of their body isn't correct at some times, specially if they're just 9, like you said.
    However, Halloween just happens once in a year, and I also agree with you that you don't need to make a storm because of that.

    If you're talking about teen people, and not pre-teen, I agree that parents should give more freedom to their children' choices, which sometimes happens, and sometimes not.

    Well unfortunately I guess that's a common characteristic of all parents, they just won't understand you points of views sometimes, and will make everything to make you wear (in this case) whatever they want.

    Imho, I think that the use mini-skirts and low neck lines shouldn't be criticised, actually, I think they should make it mandatory :yup:

    With a fish, preferably.
  3. Billy

    Billy Level IV

    Feb 21, 2007
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    sounds like someone enjoys the view :p
  4. punkeydew

    punkeydew Level IV

    Feb 28, 2007
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    I don't entirely agree with you. I am not a parent I am 21 years old so I am not biased on the parent side.

    I DO think younge teens and teens choose costumes that are too revealing.

    This is just generally not everyone. My sister is 11. and she wanted to wear some skanky ass costume. It is disgustiung.

    And though they can choose their costume it is up to the parent to oversee this and make sure their children are making the right decision.

    Most teens and pre teens want to go out alone with their friends on halloween

    If they are dressed like a skank there is a higher chance that they will have sexual comments directed at them or even worse raped.

    I think I would rather have my parents lecture me... or worse risk "not fitting in" than get raped.

    Younge people want to dress to revealing these days all together... not just on halloween
  5. SoC

    SoC Moderator
    Staff Member

    Jan 24, 2007
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    +guilty of not reading thread and going off topic but

    im not against girls having alittle extra weight.
    but if you have extra weight PLEASE DO NOT wear a top that shows all your belly hanging out and we have to jump out the way to not get attacked. its wrong.
    You dont want fat men walking in tight tops so u can see every tyre. have some common sense xD

    But yeh, teenage girls today show too much and thats frm a 16 yr old hormonal lad. xD
  6. foxygrampa2012

    foxygrampa2012 Level I

    Aug 4, 2007
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    i was a hippie and i made my own costume.... but i am definately considered too old to go trick-or-treating by my parents... haha but we got to dress up for school
  7. Virre

    Virre Level IV

    Nov 30, 2006
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    I thought the point of Halloween was to dress up as something scary :p
    No but seriously:

    I don't agree with this.
    You can clearly see when a child is that young, and I doubt it would change the possibility of getting raped. And I don't think it would get some 16 year old raped either. Chances of getting raped are already small (no, not small enough), and if the same person went by a rapist that was lurking in the bushes (which is even more unlikely since most victims know the person who did this to them) the rapists would likely jump on them no matter what the person was wearing.
    And even if they get raped, are you blaming them? Shouldn't a person be allowed to wear whatever he or she wants to wear without having to fear or getting degrading comments?
    If you dress like a skank you get sexual comments, if you dress like a nerd people will bully you, etc.
    There's no way to get around this. So just wear what you feel comfortable in and don't care about what others think of it. :)

    Come on!
    I'm not attracted to heavy women, but I don't like the skinny type either.
    This doesn't mean that I want to neglect either of the two on dressing how they feel.
    If you don't like it, does this mean that everyone else automatically has the same opinion?
    What would you do if someone said that you couldn't wear what you like because they don't like it?

    edit; Sorry, for a brief moment I thought this was the debate forum :D
  8. derrick

    derrick Level III

    Oct 23, 2007
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    I hate it when parents are so overprotective...i have a friend named chelsie who is allowed to "trick or treat" by herself but on holloween she went with these two guys and these guys are her best friends and she talks to them everyday...so she left and the she met her friends so she "trick or treated" with them...and then her mom goes to walgreens and on the drive back she sees chelsie and she stopps the car and grabbs her really hard and tells her she has to go home and she asks why and her mom yelled out "im not gonna let you get raped!" and if anything these guys would protect her.
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