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Ruby and RoR

Discussion in 'Code Snippets and Tutorials' started by arcrutus, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. arcrutus

    arcrutus Level I

    Jun 28, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Anyone here done any Rails work? Or know any Ruby programming?

    I'm working as a 'private contractor' (even though I'm really a paid intern) for a company called Soapbxx Llc, and my boss and I just finished doing work on a Rails app for thielfoundation.org (aka. multibillionaire Peter Thiel).

    It took about 5 days and 3 all nighters but we built a fully functioning incredibly polished app in that time. I'm really amazed at what Rails can do. Didn't know anything about it before, but it's so easy to pick up. And genuinely fun to write.

    You guys can check out the app at http://apply.thielfellowship.org/

    Basically it's an application for Peter Thiel's fellowship grants for people under 20. So if you're a brilliant under 20 year old who wants to change the world go apply! And who know maybe you'll get the 100k.

    Honestly, been transferring all the entries from the old DB to the new one, and I've been reading the essays along the way. They're really not that good. I'm sure someone on here could do much better. Also, they give it to 20 people....so seriously. Check it out.

    Back to the original point though. Rails is SWEET!

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