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[Special Request] Event Farmer? Simple link visiter idea

Discussion in 'Neopets Program Discussion' started by Richy, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Richy

    Richy Level IV

    Jul 2, 2007
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    That was a weird title
    If any of you programmers play RS/GW/WoW, I think you understand what an event farmer is - a build ran only when a special event is out. A common example is in Guild Wars, on holidays they release special items that drop from monsters, so an event farmer kills a lot of low level monsters at once.

    Basically, I was hoping to take advantage of halloween this year, and collect a bunch of goodie bags. I understand that programmers generally don't like making one-use programs, but I think this idea will be able to be reused, simply by having a few lines of coding changed here or there. I want a program that can log onto an account, collect an item from 5-10 different link locations, send them to an account, and then self ice.

    Here's how I imagine it would work:

    1) Load list of names + passwords, in format username password
    2) Program logs in and visits all locations (either hardwired in, or a list of links they can visit)
    3) Program visits inventory, sends all items to a username provided
    4) Program visits http://www.neopets.com/remacct.phtml, and enters password
    5) Program repeats steps 2-4 until receiving an error message ('username's inventory is full!')
    6) Program logs into the receiving account
    7) Program puts all items in SDB
    8) Program repeats steps 2-7

    Of course, if any line of programming is a hassle, the steps could be changed; ie, instead of detecting when the receiving account's inventory is full, the program could have an input where the user suggests how many accounts can send the item (so, after 4 accounts send their items, program does step 6+7). Or, it could have the input outlined previously, and then just stop - effectively making the user do 4-5 accounts, manually do step 6+7, and continue that process.

    If anything I typed here didn't make sense, feel free to ask clarification questions. If you have any further inquiries, my PMs are always open. If you can do this, I'd be super appreciative.

    I'd prefer the program to be free :yup: but I could pay in NF Points, giftcards, or NP (least preferred).
    If anyone reading this would like the same, bump it up so programmers get an opportunity to see this thread!
  2. itunes

    itunes Level II

    Aug 24, 2010
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    Would be a good idea. It can also be reused after slight editing for similar events which involves clicking/visiting links (in your example).

    However, it may be hard to find someone willing to take the time to do this one time use program (assuming that it is not reused)