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Trusted coders - I need your help!

Discussion in 'World of SPAM' started by Junior, Aug 14, 2013.

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    Nov 8, 2009
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    I come from a land down under! (Maaaate!)
    I am sad and pathetic... but I've started playing Zynga Slots on Facebook. And now I'm hooked.

    The problem is - they had a massive glitch in the game a while back and I missed out - because the feature which glitched wasn't released to everyone at the same time. So now I've got my knickers in a knot and I want some free shit!

    So I've started looking for hacks etc. for it. There seems to be a few - however I don't trust their safety.

    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index ... 211AAJfY80

    That page has someone asking the question also.

    http://facebookgamecheat.org/zynga-slot ... -and-cash/

    That is the page they refer you too. I've not gone there, I've not downloaded it. To be honest, I'll be surprised if it is actually real. I'm putting money on the fact its either something that steals your facebook information, or just infects your computer.

    I'm hoping someone here, that I trust, that knows something about coding and / or programs, that has proper protection on their computer can check it out for me and let me know if it works and is safe. I'll owe you one!